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                                            . . . Business Meetings, Conferences, & Special


                                        . . . Business Meetings, Conferences, & Special Events

With over 25 years of experience in meeting all  your musical needs for  Corporate Events
I specialize in providing recorded music (library or original) for Corporate Events, all specifically tailored to your company's image, attitude, message, and theme. Your musical needs are many: Arrival Nights, General Sessions, Break Out Meetings, Trade Shows, Awards Ceremonies, Final Banquets, and more.

For example, you need "Walk In" to set the tone, "Play Ons" to introduce your speakers, "Play Offs" at the end of a segment, "Segues" between segments, "Recognition Fanfares" and "Underscoring".

The music we choose together helps you communicate with your audience, whether that is to generate Excitement and Enthusiasm, or provide support for a Motivational segment, a Product Introduction, or Recognition and Awards.

I understand the needs of Corporate clients in these very unique and specific situations, and will help you come up with the perfect music to make your event everything it should be.
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